• If you utilize the IntoRefer,

    • It is possible to be early diagnosed and treated because you can request treatment and book appointments as fast as possible.
    • It is unnecessary for the protectors to carry the treatment materials or treatment request.
    • It can transmit the examination results in local clinics and medicine prescription, which leads to diminish the duplication check , combined application and misuse.
    • It is possible to transmit materials from hospitals to the local clinics
  • A. Local hospitals using the IntoVetGE

    IntoVetGE can transmit the treatment information already recorded without additional filling up, and also reply the treatment information in the 2nd hospital to the local hospital.

    • Patients' information requested in the local hospital is registered as the patients in the 2nd hospitals directly without any process.
    • Detailed statements of the treatment from 2nd hospitals can be confirmed in the local hospitals.
    • After designating the vet and making an appointment, the vet and protectors can receive the text message automatically.
    • After finishing the reply on the treatment, the vet in the 1st hospital and protectors can receive the text message that the reply is completed.
  • B. Local hospitals using other electronic chart

    Protectors can request the treatment after entering several request contents by accessing to the refer system linked on the homepage, and in the 2nd hospitals, if you reply the treatment recording in the IntoVetGE like A, it is registered on the homepage automatically.

    The rest process in the 2nd hospitals is the same to the one of A.
    you should access to the refer center on the homepage to confirm and print the reply materials.

  • Books Appointment Guide

  • Reply on treatment Guide