Choice of the Differentiated Veterinary Clinics, Healthy Diary Mobile App. for companion animals

  • IntoPET for Vets
  • Healthy Diary, IntoPET connecting veterinary clinics with protectors improves the rate of hospital visits, saving cost of the text message service
  • 1
    guide of the treatment in the veterinary / transmission of the news in real time
  • 2
    vaccination, detailed statement of the hospital visit rate, support of the schedule choice for beauty
  • 3
    confirm of the pets' registration information
  • 4
    automatic notification of the dosing time
  • 5
    no worry about the cost of print-out, and loss/ saving the cost of the healthy diary
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  • More Love, More Life
  • More Love, More Life..
    If you want to be with your pets for a longer time
  • 1
    vaccination schedule, vaccination details, and hospital visit schedule management
  • 2
    confirmation of the hospitalization and pictures for beauty in real time
  • 3
    Obesity management by showing weight graph, and setting goal weight
  • 4
    life style checking diary,and function of alarm
  • 5
    Sharing moving images, pictures of pets and community based on SNS
  • 6
    useful contents and beneficial events for animals
  • Pet Portal Platform No.1
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