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  • Brand Story
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    100% Antarctic Krill producted in Korea
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    Soluble Oil containing over 40% of phospholipid
  • 3
    a great deal of Omega3
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    ISO22000, EU HACCP official certification acquirement in the field of Krill oil production


  • 100% of Antarctic Krill K-OMEGA3 consists of krill inhabiting in the clean area of the North and is produced by the domestic technology.
    It is healthy oil which doesn't include frozen krill originated from other countries,
    cheap ingredients and harmful elements such as aceton and hexane.
  • Soluble Oil containing over 40% of phospholipid Phospholipid is the basic ingredients for organizing body,
    which is also main facors composing of cell membrane, red blood cell, articular tissue and brain cell.
    K-OMEGA3 contains over 40% of phospholipid, and makes it easy to digest and absorb 2.5times as high as fat-soluble oil.
  • Astaxanthin, the Antioxidant 300ppm K-OMEGA3 has the astaxanthin, which is antioxidant that is 550 times as high as Vitamin E,
    11times as high as lutein, and three times as high as beta-carotene.
    It minimizes the offensive burp and stink and maximizes the preferences with its original flavor and scent.
  • Safe and Reliable Production Process All the process of K-OMEGA3 satisfies the requirement of food and all the factors required for the process is harmless to human body.
    So you can provide this food for pets without any concern